Our services are financial and administrative consulting

To become a leading intity offering its services to existing and new customers with a focus on local, small and medium entities and multinational investments in the Kingdom.

We rely on the experience of our office to participate in the development of the profession within the Kingdom in order to adapt to the economic changes and new zakat and tax laws .



Book keeping

Our office has the newest accounting software used in the Kingdom and in Arabic and English , which is characterized by the uploading of databases on the Internet and cloud archiving , which allows our customers to review the accounts and business results without returning to us. there are some entities that want to maintain the size of small business and reduce the cost of employment, Our teamwork is well trained and experienced in accounting and bookkeeping in both Arabic and English.


We are chartered accountants and since we are independent auditors of the management of the clients to whom we provide our services, our main concern is to give our professional opinion on the fairness of the financial statements prepared by the client in accordance with international financial reporting. According to international audit standards .

We issue our reports in Arabic and English languages according to the client’s request and needs. We can issue special reports on accounting data prepared in accordance with special rules, taking into consideration the needs of the client and the requirements of laws and regulations in the countries in which he operates.as there are many foreign customers and investors in the kingdom


Internal auditing

Many entities turn to internal auditing by assigning accounting firms to do so. We have long sought to develop a special department for this purpose, which is qualified to provide internal audit services to our clients, which focuses on raising the efficiency and effectiveness of performance, credibility and reliability of financial reports, And the laws followed by the company and we have provided this service to many of the major clients. The reason for our distinction in this area there is more than a partner qualified with the certificate of internal auditor CIA


The service of our clients in the field of Zakat occupies a great portion of our interests and is an integral part of our work as auditors. This service is not limited by calculating and reviewing Zakat and providing assistance in the preparation of zakat returns, but also providing special assistance and consultations during the deliberations with the GAZT, Such as representation of the client to GAZT and assisting the client in preparing Zakat and tax returns and responding to queries of GAZT, obtaining temporary and final certificates and preparing Zakat appeals.

Value Added Tax ( VAT )

Due to the importance of services and tax consultations, we provide all our clients with excellent tax services and consultations in all areas of taxation such as value added tax, deferred tax and withholding tax . These services are provided by experts in the field of taxation.

The tax services include assisting the clients of the Office in preparing the quarterly tax return within the scope of the local legislation, as well as representing the clients when GAZT performs the tax audit of the books and accounting records. The management of the office is also keen to inform customers of any new legislation or tax instructions that can be used and avoid any fines or additional taxes as a result of not knowing these new legislation or tax instructions in a timely manner.

Financial and management Consultations

Our office can provide a wide range of highly efficient financial and management advisory services to meet the needs of our clients. The purpose of this office is to develop the client’s utilization of its potential and resources to achieve its objectives, including such models as its control procedures, Planning and financial control, developing accounting systems, preparing discretionary budgets and analyzing cost studies and human resources.

Business development services

The concept of business development may help entities expand their activities to increase their client base, increase cash flow or develop their internal processes using cost-effective methods and tools to increase productivity and quality, so we have the right skill and experience to help our clients develop their businesses and activities by identifying sources and reasons. Delays in productivity and negative effects on quality and concentration on the use of modern methods or the use of tools available to the client and focus on creating new business opportunities

Economic feasibility study

preparation of economic feasibility studies for projects under incorporation and companies wishing to expand on the field methods and the correct scientific methods so that the study is clear evidence for the employer in making the right decision. As well as the interest of the kingdom in small and medium enterprises and the formation of organizations  in addition to the need of these entities to finance and therefore need to know the feasibility of the project and its ability to pay its future commitments

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the laws and standards that determine the relationship between the management of a company on the one hand and shareholders and stakeholders or parties associated with the company (bondholders, workers, suppliers, creditors, consumers) on the other hand

Preparing budgets

The budget is the expected financial plan of the facility to know the best way to exploit the resources of the facility and its need of both to borrow or invest excess funds either in lending or investment in new assets or financial investments and we are distinguished by our ability to prepare operational and investment budgets

Classification of contracting facilities

We provide the contractors classification service to provide specialists with high experience in the preparation of classification files necessary to obtain the required degree and desirable in proportion to the existing capabilities of the entity and raise the classification of the previous entity classified as we provide a study on the file classification until the issuance of classification certificate and arrange documents for the Agency’s visit

Due diligence reports

We specialize in the preparation of due diligence  reports, which is a must for the merger or acquisition of the facilities to know the current and historical status of the facility and monitor the changes during the accounting periods and mechanisms of the business , the financial analysis reports , studies of revenue and costs , expenses , assets And the obligations of the entity, which gives a high degree of confidence of the facility .