Ibrahim Almansour Ikhtabi Consultants Est.
For Accounting, Audit and Court Cases - CPA And Auditors - licence No.377

We are experts in accounting, auditing, taxation, administrative and legal consulting, and specialize in providing integrated business solutions from incorporation to organization and management. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions to our clients that serve their strategic objectives at the highest level. A level of efficiency and excellence. Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional service. All our customers receive personal attention from our office. We understand the priorities of our customers towards their business, and provide all the resources available to provide quick response to the needs of our customers, and solve their problems in a timely manner and in a comprehensive manner. We offer several services to our clients, the most important of which is the annual audit, periodic examination services, bookkeeping, Zakat and tax consultancy, non-disclosure examinations and many more. We have a vast experience in accounting and auditing in the Kingdom for more than 16 years . Besides our partnership with the Integra International Group. Which is considered one of the fifteen largest accounting and consulting groups in the world, and one of the leading companies in the field of auditing and financial and administrative consulting, it operates in more than 100 countries. This membership allows Ibrahim ikhtaby Audit Bureau to benefit from the enormous technical and human resources of integra International Group.

Our vision

To become a leading intity offering its services to existing and new customers with a focus on local, small and medium entities and multinational investments in the Kingdom.

We rely on the experience of our office to participate in the development of the profession within the Kingdom in order to adapt to the economic changes and new zakat and tax laws .